Hi, I’m Eric.

I am a designer with 11 years of experience designing and directing for print and brand in both in-house and agency environments.  My passion lives with print and I can help you take your project to the next level it deserves.  I can package and brand your brewery, winery, restaurant, specialty food, roasted coffee, album cover, clothing label, kids softball team – whatever!  I love this stuff and I love helping people who are making new things and seeing their dream grow.  Working out of the great PNW, I am a Seattle resident and ready to roll up the sleeves for you locally or globally.

Logo Design, Package Design, Branding, Print Design, Beer Label Design, Wine Label Design, Distillery, Coffee Label Design, Apparel, Music Packaging & Posters, Vector, Illustration, Restaurant, Snowboard Graphics, Food Packaging, Business Cards, Stationary, Menus, Direct Mail, and dog walking.

I am always looking for new opportunities.
Email me at:    ewyttdesign@gmail.com